Our Mission

Our History Is Our Future

Our models to date are everything and more than we could have imagined. They are extremely high-quality pieces that have captured the interest of dinosaur lovers around the world. We are committed to continuing our efforts, and our goal is to complete a model for every dinosaur known. Due to financial constraints, our artists currently work on weekends and after their day jobs. Because we insist on quality, accuracy, and artistic integrity, our models can take up to a month to complete. It would take 15-20 years to create models for every dinosaur known at the current rate of production! Imagine how old you will be when we release our final model!

#Facts: Dinosaurs now offers prints of our models through our online store to address these challenges. We will grow our offerings to include other products such as mugs, t-shirts/hoodies, blankets, collectible figurines, and model kits. Every penny earned goes toward supporting our mission of hiring our current artists full-time and adding additional paleoartists, animators, sound engineers, and other creatives to expand our offerings of incredible, lifelike reconstructions. The history of dinosaurs is our future at #Facts: Dinosaurs. We look forward to providing an opportunity for dinosaur lovers worldwide to continue their fascination and increase their knowledge of these unique creatures. Your purchase of our current items not only supplements your personal dinosaur collection but also allows us to place our dinosaur models in a more realistic setting and add artists to increase our production. We’ve also added a way to donate to our mission at checkout for our most enthusiastic supporters. We will be honored if you decide to support our mission financially.