Mounted Art Prints

Did you know that paleontologists have found dinosaur remains on all seven continents? Talk about breaking boundaries! Bring that worldliness into your home with a mounted print. These mounted dinosaur prints are built to last.

Museum-Quality Design: These art prints, mounted on a rigid backer (hardboard or foamboard), won’t wrinkle or tear in humid conditions. Framed or not, your mounted print looks like it was plucked straight from the National Museum of Natural History.

Well-Researched Compositions: Want the most accurate representation of your favorite dinosaur? Our talented artists study each dinosaur species for weeks before putting pen to paper (or stylus to screen) in the design stage. Hang this mounted print in your office or living room, so people know you’re serious about accuracy in paleoart.

Hypnotic and Striking: A mounted dinosaur print will bring a gorgeous dynamic to your home’s décor. Our artists spend hours getting every detail perfect on each piece to make the final result pop. We have a design for everyone, no matter their decorating style.

Gift for Dinosaur Fans: Got a friend who’s into dino merch? These super-durable mounted prints make lovely gifts. With sizes from 5x7 inches to 16x20 inches, this artwork can fit anywhere from a cubicle to an open floor plan living space.