About Us


Welcome to #Facts: Dinosaurs! My name is Evgeniy. I'm a thirty-something dad from Los Angeles, CA. My fascination with dinosaurs, like many people, began in childhood. Pictures of these wondrous creatures sparked my imagination and fueled my curiosity. From the 2-pound, 2.5-foot Microraptor to the 70-ton,100-foot long Argentinosaurus, I was absolutely spellbound and wanted to learn everything about them. While my interest has evolved and matured, I still carry a passion for Mesozoic Era art that depicts these mesmerizing prehistoric beasts.

Today, it is my oldest son, who is infatuated with these ancient creatures. Eden’s collection of toys, books, games, and apps is an endless mecca of dinosaur things that feed his curiosity and appetite for everything dinosaur-related. Eden is not alone. Dinosaurs have captured the interest of people of all ages for centuries as we continue to learn more and more about what they were and how they lived.

My son’s fascination with dinosaurs is not unlike mine was as a child, and millions of people across the globe are drawn to dinosaurs for the same reasons. I feel fortunate to have developed a passion for something early in my life and grateful that my son has too. It is what led me to create #Facts: Dinosaurs.


With my passion reignited by my son’s interest and inquisitiveness, I spent the summer of 2019 learning about the process of creating paleoart and researching various topics related to dinosaurs. While I found some wonderful resources available to learn about dinosaurs, many were inaccessible to children or offered outdated or even inaccurate information. When it comes to visual representations of dinosaurs, the art is often inconsistent or a thoughtless cut and paste piece from another website or other media source. Because of those reasons, I often ended up helping my son navigate and filter the vast sea of dinosaur knowledge, providing him a path to learn about various species and find newly discovered dinosaurs.

This is why I want to create a place where anyone passionate about dinosaurs could go for some awe-inspiring art and learn facts about each dinosaur depiction. Initially, I chose Instagram because it's so image-driven. The response has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I'm proud to have built a following for the original paleoart that you won't find anywhere else.

What makes Facts: Dinosaurs the perfect choice for finding dinosaur art?

  • Our art is about quality and accuracy. Books and online resources vary greatly from one source to the next, and, unfortunately, many have inferior reconstructions that lack both basic art fundamentals and accurate anatomy. These sources prioritize profit over quality and substance. That’s why #Facts: Dinosaurs only hire the best 3D artists with a vast knowledge of paleontology and comparative anatomy, which are essential skills in creating lifelike reconstructions.
  • Our models evolve with the newest information. Whenever a discovery is made and changes how we imagine each species, our models get updated. Books are limited because once they go to print, the information and images are only valid to the publish date. Our Spinosaurus model is a typical example of how we handle newly discovered information. Initially, our art depicted what has long been accepted as the most accurate version of the Spinosaurus. The seven-ton, 50-foot-long predator had an elongated snout similar to a crocodile, sharp tapered teeth, and a large sail on its back. Its tail was long and narrowing to a taper, not unlike its theropod cousins. When the internet started buzzing about a recent discovery in Morocco, the “new" Spinosaurus tail proved to be more like a giant bony paddle, an adaptation which likely assisted in swimming in rivers. We immediately updated our model accordingly. Our ability to adapt our art to new information is something we are very proud of, and we know our followers will truly appreciate it.