Metal Prints

Dinosaurs were the most hardcore reptiles known to Earth — some were predators of the sky, some of the sea, and many of them were bigger than today’s elephant. And what’s more hardcore than a metal print? These sturdy art pieces will last 100 years! Pass them onto your great-grandkids and tell them triceratops used to wander into your backyard.

High-Quality Construction: We transfer the image of your choice onto a specially coated piece of aluminum. Hang it outside or in the bathroom — this baby’s rust-proof! Tough and durable, your metal print will last generations as long as you don’t place them in direct sunlight.

Accurate Representation: No need to worry about accuracy — our artists have a passion for paleontology and researched for weeks before creating each image. Each depiction is up-to-date with the latest scientific information. These luxurious pieces will spur conversation at any dinner party.

Easy-to-Clean: Does your child like to fling spaghetti sauce at the wall? No problem! You can easily clean our metal prints with a microfiber towel and water or glass cleaner.